The 3rddimension was established in 2004, with vision and passion of a single architect to bring architectural designs into a 3d environment and till date this industry is just adding to our fascination and gives us an adrenaline rush . Our very professional team which consists of architects specializing in this visualization arena and a bunch of Digital artistes makes us stand stalwart and confident in the market. the creative team at our studio helps the clients meet their goals with real ease. Deadlines doesnt mean lack of quality as compensation for us. We put our best efforts to make our clients reach new virtual heights in a project and we are still committed to do that everytime.


Starting from a sketch or a drawing we can visualize complete 3d environments. We deliver the final product only after thorough discussions with the client at various stages of the project. this has always helped us in creating cutting edge images for them.

The increasing experience in the real estate market and the constant research for new and innovative technologies, allow us to offer innovative products extremely personalized, which are strong reason and a great differential for the success of our customers enterprises